Welcome to TriumphCars.com!

This website contains a pictorial history of my past Triumph vehicle restoration projects as well as several pages devoted to friends of mine who also have Triumphs who have wanted to document their projects.  My current triumphs include a TR8, a TR7 that I put a V8 in, a UK Dolomite Sprint saloon, a Spitfire, and a TR250.

Please feel free to email me your thoughts, opinions, and views of this website to my email address hupshall@triumphcars.com.  If this website answers even some of your restoration questions or gives you the confidence to start your own restoration project, I consider my job done.


-Huw Upshall

Current Projects



1968 TR250 - CD1207L

Originally a Primrose Yellow car, this project will start out with an absolute wreck of a car.  It has been absolutely stripped down to basically nothing and It'll take me a long time to figure out how to put everything back the way it is supposed to.  This project I expect will take a long time and will include some interesting modifications such as an air conditioning system and fuel injection.  Stay Tuned!


1981 TR8 - satpv4589ba406998

This is a Bordeaux Red Fuel Injected TR8.  I've worked hard to make this vehicle as original as possible by reinstalling the original tan velour interior.  This particular '81 TR8 is listed as originally being a PED vehicle which means it was built by triumph for sale to diplomats or servicemen in Europe.  It has some of the unique '81 features such as a quarts clock (very accurate) and the push button reset speedo.


Other vehicles

1979 TR7 - tct100307uf

This is an Argent Silver highly modified TR7 - In fact, the only thing that's Triumph on this vehicle anymore is the body!  The engine has been replaced by a tuned 3.5l V8.  It has Rover SD1 fuel injection, a Toyota Supra 5spd transmission, Woody Cooper's Ford 8.8" rear end.   The interior has Toyota MR2 seats, an Alley roll bar, a BMW Z3 wind deflector, and lots of other tweaks and modifications.


1974 Dolomite Sprint Automatic - va8498dla

Welcome to the wonderful world of Magenta!  My friends have nicknamed this car the "pimpmobile" because of it's glaring purple color.  This is one of the few Dolomite Sprints in the United States.  This model was never sold here in the states by Triumph and I imported this car from the UK in 2003.  I've not done much work to this car since it looks and drives just fine as it is.  I did have the carbs rebuilt since they were giving me grief, but once that was done - it's been running fine.


1978 Spitfire 1500 -  fm70893u

This is the first car that I've ever taken apart and "restored".  I had a lot of fun working on this vehicle, I learned a lot and basically caught the car project disease from this car.  The spitfire is my wife's favorite out of all my triumphs and it's pretty easy to see why, it's got the sweet Italian lines & a great color combination.  What's not to like?